A new development is being proposed near Braden Woods and River Club in Manatee County. Rezoning must be approved before construction can begin.

The land is located at 6804 99th Street East in Bradenton (Parcel IDs 583900006, 583910104, 583910054).

The proposed subdivision will be a gated community of 32 luxury homes situated on sensitive land that borders the Braden River, source of Bradenton's water supply. The homes will be constructed on relatively small lots (in contrast with Braden Woods where most lots are one acre) which will be cleared of existing trees and vegetation. While a few areas will be designated "wetlands" they will be small, non-contiguous patches of nature, limiting the amount of wildlife that will be able to remain on this land.

We believe that too much of the "real Florida" is being devastated by over-development of sensitive areas and that more natural habitats must be preserved. Concerned citizens are petitioning Manatee County to accomplish two things:

First: to maintain the current zoning designation of RSF-1 (one dwelling unit per acre);

Then: to purchase this tract and preserve it from future development and human activity.


We are not proposing that all development be stopped, only that it should be done in a thoughtful, reasonable manner. Natural beauty must be preserved for future generations. It makes no sense to devastate sensitive wetlands so that a high-density subdivision can be constructed in an area that is zoned for low/medium density and where established residents selected their property based upon the proximity to wildlife and natural habitats.

Impact and Considerations


The land in question borders the Braden River, source of Bradenton’s water supply. Water quality will be affected by drainage, runoff of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer, and other anthropogenic pollutants. Destruction of trees, wetlands, and natural habitat will have a negative impact on indigenous species and further erode the natural beauty found in Manatee County.


This wooded area is home to birds, deer, foxes, bobcats, gopher tortoises, large rattlesnakes and
more. Eagles and owls have been spotted and boars have taken refuge there, particularly since the
construction of nearby Ranch Lake removed natural habitats. The limited acreage of the proposed remaining wetlands will be insufficient to contain the animals and they will migrate into surrounding communities; wildlife corridors are not suitable for boars.


Removal of existing vegetation will reduce the natural protection against flooding, endangering nearby home sites. The result of “filling” the property to permit home construction will increase the likelihood of water runoff to the surrounding community.

Safety, Noise, Light Pollution

The proposed subdivision’s single point of entry/exit will be unsafe and inadequate. Existing trees and other
flora help to create a buffer against the noise of traffic from the nearby Interstate highway. Development of this sensitive area will result in more noise and traffic within a rural community and additional lighting will diminish observation of the night sky.


The area east of I-75 has lost huge tracts of nature due to the construction of shopping centers and new communities.

While a certain level of development is expected, we must not destroy the very
environment that makes our area attractive to visitors and newcomers. The acreage under consideration must be preserved for Florida wildlife.

This land should be purchased for conservation as a nature preserve to be protected from future development and unnecessary human activity.

Area Map




If you want the real Florida to be preserved for our grandchildren, please help:

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2) Attend public hearings on this topic

3) Call or write officials in Manatee County and the City of Bradenton:

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Pledge for the Braden River Preserve