While we do not campaign for any particular candidate or platform, we do share comments and perspectives from our supporters from all walks of life, including public officials and those seeking political office.

Let us rally together to preserve at least a portion of our environment. This is a good cause and I respect the need to be proactive in achieving the goal of protecting this wooded area.

Daryle R.

Keep our Woods free from development.

Amy S.

I strongly believe in the preservation of Florida's environment and wildlife. Over development for the sake of economic gain at the cost of the integrity of this land will harm our county for generations to come. It is our responsibility to preserve the landscape of Old Florida before it fades away into nostalgic memory.

William W.

Please stop and realize it's not just about money and development...
It's about future land persevered for all...human and nature resources. Once it's gone it can NEVER be replaced. It's precious in it's totality now...not cut, spliced, and diced into parcels of greed.

Cynthia Z.

It is critical to conservation that this land be kept natural. It provides an important habitat for native Florida species and very possibly serves as a transit habitat for Florida recent sightings indicate.

Teri B.

Too much of our natural environment has already been bulldozed. Let's protect nature.

Phil M.

The world needs more wild spaces, not high density subdivisions.

Mayme S.

We need to preserve wildness and animals, and protect Braden River.

Andrew S.

I am signing because natural wetlands and sensitive lands are being threatened in Florida and our tourism requires that we keep areas in a natural state to draw tourism both in fishing and in enjoyment of a natural site i.e. parks, woods, and springs.

Norma K.

We should NOT build on every empty parcel in this County. We must consider maintaining our quality of life.

Cathy W.

Last thing Florida needs is another crowded sub division. As a Realtor to make this a desirable community build on larger lots and preserve the surrounding nature. Buyers do not want to be right next door to their neighbor -- too close. Make it unique and charge a premium. You'll get your ROI. Just need to know how to position and market properly. Don't be like every other developer cramming houses into a community.

Jill V.

As a kid, I grew up exploring the woods around my house in Panther Ridge. Each year I see more and more of those natural areas being overrun by development. Although I believe development can be crucial for growth, I also think it is important to maintain a balance with wildlife. Exploring the woods as a child instilled in me a love for the natural world that continues to drive me in my career today. I ask that the Commissioners vote AGAINST any rezoning propositions in the Braden Woods area.

Hannah B.

I want whatever is left of Manatee Co. woods to stay intact.

Daphne S.

I live in River Club. We chose to live here because there is undeveloped land for animals to live. If we push the animals out they become a bigger problem for the current residents as the animals will look for a new place to live. They were here first and are an important part of the ecosystem.

Nancy H.

We look in to the history of this area, and cant help but smile as to how beautiful it used to be. But everyday we see that beauty slowly but surely being torn away. The beauty and serenity Florida is leaving us. Respect for the land, for the Earth is a must. There are plenty of houses to fill. Lets leave the nature here alone.

Harry F.

I feel that more development of sensitive wildlife habitat will destroy the beauty of what is left in East Manatee County. It is becoming harder to find, and will leave a sad legacy for future generations growing up with little opportunity to experience the beauty of nature in their communities. When will development be enough for corporate profits and begin focusing on preserving our communities natural habitat for our children to enjoy as we did?

Marie T.

This is non sustainable development critically endangering our water resources.

Sharon L.

Lived here since 1994 and have watched our beautiful community slowly get paved over. I don't mind change but the zoning regs were put in place for a reason. I do not live in the Braden Woods community but have always admired it. We don't need more houses, more cars on our heavily populated roads. We need to co-exist with wildlife not destroy their habitats. If you have children and grandchildren, you should be preserving so they, too, can enjoy some of what we know and love today.

Jo S.