12/14/15 Neal Communities presents plans for 31 homes between Braden Woods and River Club

01/11/16 Parrish, East Manatee subdivisions seek approval in strong market

02/10/16 Residents fight infill project

02/10/16 Neighbors oppose proposed Neal suburb on Braden River

03/30/16 Traffic, growth big issues in LWR

04/23/16 Braden Woods residents fear Neal development will destroy woods, wildlife

04/25/16 Braden Woods residents petition proposed Neal development

07/07/16 Braden Woods residents ask for community's support

07/09/16 Braden Woods residents plead to conserve wooded area

07/11/16 East Manatee residents want preserve, not homes

07/12/16 Manatee neighbors unite against luxury subdivision

07/14/16 Manatee planners postpone action on wooded area development

08/11/16 No decision yet on controversial housing proposal

08/11/16 Myara project postponed

08/12/16 Citizens Accuse Developer of Abusing the Process

09/28/16 Man's will preserves property forever

10/04/16 Outdoorsman who fought subdivision bequeaths his land for preserve

10/13/16 Planning commission votes against development proposed for East Manatee

10/13/16 Planning Commission recommends denial of proposed Neal suburb

10/13/16 Braden Woods residents win round in fight to conserve woods

10/13/16 Planning board recommends denial of Myara infill project

10/14/16 Planning Commission Rejects Recommending Approval of Neal Project

10/19/16 Project hits road block

11/01/16 Developer scraps 32-home Manatee County project

11/01/16 Neal drops plan for Braden River subdivision

11/02/16 East Manatee woods saved after developer terminates deal — for now

11/14/16 Braden Woods Neighborhoods Keep Old Florida Charm

02/08/17 Myara project might come back to life

02/08/17 East Manatee woods changes hands

06/07/17 Conservationists hope to buy Myara property

06/08/17 Developers want to eliminate future Linger Lodge Road extension

06/08/17 Manatee panel refuses to delete Linger Lodge Road extension from plans

06/14/17 'Paper' road tough to erase

08/03/17 Developer may get wish to eliminate Linger Lodge Road extension

08/03/17 Developer Pat Neal convinces county to delete Linger Lodge Road extension

08/03/17 Manatee County may scrap roadway connection

08/09/17 Vote may block future road on Myara property

08/30/17 Braden Woods group hopes to preserve options

10/10/17 Residents one step closer to creating Braden River Preserve

10/10/17 Braden Woods residents may tax themselves to get nature preserve

10/10/17 ‘Braden River Preserve’ will depend on if residents want to help pay for it

10/15/17 Conservationists Get One Step Closer on Braden River Preserve

10/26/17 Neighborhood meetings scheduled to discuss proposed nature preserve

10/27/17 Braden Woods Neighborhoods Adding a New Park Preserve

11/04/17 Meetings set for neighbors around Braden Woods preserve to learn about possible taxing unit

11/21/17 Opportunity knocks for creation of park in East County

12/07/17 Site of approved Neal suburb could still become nature preserve

01/05/18 Poll shows support for proposed Manatee nature preserve

01/08/18 Conservation group close to getting endorsement for tax-backed preserve

01/23/18 Braden River Preserve advances

01/23/18 Proposal for new park — and the higher taxes to pay for it — moves to next stage

01/23/18 Public hearing set for proposed Braden River Preserve

01/28/18 BOCC to Go to Public Hearing